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28th-Aug-2008 03:17 pm - Current Projects

The run down:

Lots to do!
*List last updated 9/13/06

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3rd-Mar-2007 11:38 pm(no subject)
Wow, it's been so long since I've done anything on the web that I almost forgot how! While browsing mata's journal (one of the only things I've done on the web in the past five or so months has been to use her monthly wallpapers), I felt all the graphics begining to seep back into my system and I'm starting to get that familiar little tug of excitement.... not a good thing considering it's almost 12:00am. This really needs to wait at least until Monday... I need sleep tomorrow!!!  Anywho, I'm posting a little memo here, hoping it will curb the craving for the rest of the weekend.
The proposition:  What I'm considering is creating a new journal for new graphics, with a new name, and new friends, and new organization, and new... you get the picture. My graphics, bluntly, suck. I'm horrified at what I'm seeing as my current layout, and I never had any real talent (for that go to Lauren, or mata, etc.) in that area, but once in a blue moon this craving comes over me again. So.... I just want a little nitch where I can go to unleash my paint shop drabblings (is that a word?) when the mood suits.  If there are any fantastic little name ideas floating about and you have 2 secs to post it, do so.  Merci darlings!
24th-Aug-2006 07:36 am - Whazoo!
Well well well, look who's slinking back into the community of nerds!! lol  Ok, we're not nerds, we're just slightly smarter-than-normal kids. ;)
Here's the scoop: I'm going to be getting back into the web/design stuff as soon as a part for my *@#!! poor computer arrives (should be sometime today)! The reason is because I have a very light school load this year and because it's my last year of school, meaning I start college next fall, which in turn means I won't have any time for the internet other than checking e-mail! Let's call it 'Kyly's Last Fling' shall we?  L and I are already e-mailing back and forth about collaborating again (yay!! I'm so excited darling!) and I'm going to see if I can get my sites re-organized, re-done, re-designed, and re-started.  If anyone wants me to do a project with them, etc.. now is the time to ask about it! :D  I'll hopefully be on-line as much as possible and as actively as possible between now and Fall 2007.  ;)
Love and duckies,
15th-Jun-2006 02:48 pm - Gone but not forgotten

Just a quick pop in to say I've changed the layout! It's quite different from what I've ever done before but I think it turned out quite nicely. Anyway, I'm sorry for leaving and not saying anything about it! I know people have been wondering what happened to me! Actually, I haven't been anywhere. Life has just been crazy and I've come to realize that I'm going to have to give up the internet pretty much completely if I want to get the grades I need and focus on my family, etc.. In other words, I need to get and keep my priorities straight! Long story for another day but for now, here's a little wallpaper I whipped up after giving in to temptation! PSP was screaming my name and I just couldn't resist! A little rusty since I haven't done anything in ages, but feel free to comment away! lol huggs n kisses

4th-May-2006 05:04 pm - It's raining in texture

w000t! Little not-so-little surprise for you, my lovely flist!!  It took me most of the afternoon but I've finally produced not one, not two, not even three, but eight (!!!!) icon texture packs! Yes, packs. And each pack has 9, 100x100 textures in it! So that gives you 72 textures.... wow.  I'm textured out. lol  And you're probably wondering why I didn't just lump them all into one or two packs. Well, each pack represents a different layout that I had made at some point in time and all of them are of different things.

1-Cate Blanchett-- made from the gallery layout at HL.net
2-Julia Stiles-- made from a previous layout for this journal
3-Liv Tyler-- made from a layout for the HL Forums
4-Lord of the Rings-- made from the store layout at HL.net
5-Mischa Barton-- made from the layout at Expressions (artfolio)
6-Miranda Otto-- made from the layout at HL.net
7-Reese Witherspoon-- made from a layout at Fantasize (blog/personal site)
8-Scarlett Johansson-- made from a previous layout for this journal

Comments make me love you, credit makes me glad I don't have to physically harm you, and enjoyment makes me feel good. rotflol

29th-Apr-2006 09:06 pm - D&E: more?
hmmm I think this might just have the makings for a series of blends on my favorite tv/movie couples! lol This time it's Darcy and Elizabeth from the BBC version.  Comments appretiated, credit REQUIRED with a link back to this journal! 

A series sounds like a cool idea the more I think about it... *squee*  Yay, I love having something to do! lol

Couples Blends List
Tony & Michelle: 24 
Darcy & Elizabeth: Pride and Prejudice BBC
Rafe & Evelyn: Pearl Harbor
Gilbert & Anne: Anne of Green Gables
John & Lorna: Lorna Doone
Wesley & Buttercup: Princess Bride
Roul & Christine: Phantom of the Opera
Jack & Rose: Titanic
Ryan & Marissa: the OC
Jack & Audrey: 24
Faramir & Eowyn: LotR
Arwen & Aragorn: LotR
Will & Elizabeth: PotC
Anakin & Padme: Star Wars
Han & Leia: Star Wars

I'm open for suggestions! I can't promise that I'll take all of them but I'd love to be reminded of a couple I've forgotten... lol ;) I'm mainly looking for more dramatic couples, not cute couples.  I'm also trying to get different movies/shows and not just a bunch of couples from the same one. See what I'm saying? Thanks! :D

28th-Apr-2006 07:57 pm - Another wall...

bleh... My brother is currently obsessed with the battle scene in CoN and he trapped me into making this for him! lol Not the best, as usual, but at least it's identifiable! rotflol Includes wxp user icon. Looks best centered on black.

24th-Apr-2006 01:05 pm(no subject)

Wow, everyone has dissapeared from LJ! Ok, not everyone... only certain people.. *hunts under rocks for Lauren and Ria*  Holy cow! The school year must really be getting to you guys! lol 
Anyway, I haven't been the most active person on the net either have I? *blushes*  I've been at my other sites but my year is winding down too and I started a new job so life has been hectic on my end too. *groans*
A few icons have been made but they're all pretty crumby.  Here's a quick blend I did on a whim the other day. I know it's bad but give me a little leeway! lol  Oh, and I have NO idea why LJ cut links aren't showing up here. They show up on my friends page and it'll show up on your friends page, but they won't show up here on my main blog page. *rolls eyes*  You have to click on 'comment' to see what's under the cut. Sorry! :(

3rd-Apr-2006 12:45 pm(no subject)
I never would have considered my style 'hippie'! lol I'm more classic really... Oh well, Kiki is adorable so I'm not complaining! rotflol  Icons etc.. coming soon!

Your Celebrity Style Twin is Kirsten Dunst

More hippie chic than hippie chick.
21st-Mar-2006 08:26 pm(no subject)

*drum roll*  guess what I had the guts to try?!?! Vexel art!! w000t! I know, I probably shouldn't have attempted it and I'm going to go run off and hide under a rock for the rest of my life as soon as I'm done typing this, but you should at least give me a badge for courage if nothing else! rotflol In case it's unidentifiable, it's supposed to be Emmy Rossum... I've included the original.  It looks like I just applied some fancy paint effects to it, but I sware on my life I did everything by the book.  It's a completely legal, if pathetic, vexel. The background was really hard so parts of it aren't quite finished but anyway.... 

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